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I really love his character.actually i watched this because if JCW.. I really admire the friendship between Dong Soo and Yeo Woon, on how they believe and trust each other. Here's a quote about him on Wikipedia [ : "History indicates Sado suffered from mental illness; accused of randomly killing people in the palace and being a serial rapist." I'm actually surprised that this drama generally paints him in a fairly positive light.. Thanks so much for the Director and Script Writer whom bring this comic to live action in such AWESOME way. Less romance story, and full with friendship and loyalty parts which is makes me love this story more and more. as if it was not enough to kill most of the characters.. Let's not forget that Joo Jin-Mo on Empress Ki, is also a reason for great ratings. Even though Yeo Woon told Baek Dong-Soo that he was the best swordsman when he tried to give his best move in a surprise attack and Baek Dong-Soo was able to defend himself, that was not enough for us viewers to believe that Baek Dong-Soo was the best yet. More importantly learning about facets of the Korean culture, many times thinking we're not that different after all.

I'm a fan since watching Healer…yu seung ho is also great.. Hope that they will work together again in another drama! So many unnecessary scenes so i fast forward it a lot. The action was good too, i want to praise the action director as well. Why on earth would you kill Yeo Woon and make people wanna kill themselves?! he wanted to be a good person and he was just trying to proof it, and even worse that he was wrongfully accused for what happened to that Cho-Rip !! In the end when they fight, Baek Dong-Soo continues to lose, and even though he is not trying his best, when Yeo Woon dies, he did it on purpose! Thank you for the enjoyment this drama has brought into my world, Thank you for being alive! I always swear to myself I'm never watching another hystorical korean drama but I never stick to it because in truth I really enjoy them. Why do they always have to make me cry at the last episode? Just because Cho Rip kept going on with that nonsense about destiny and how the evil was never going to go away until Woon wasn't dead.

With the help of the swordsman Kim Kwang-Taek, Baek Sa-Goeng's pregnant wife is able to escape.

Meanwhile, soldiers conduct a search for Baek Sa-Goeng's wife and her unborn child. Soldiers arrive at the cottage to arrest the mother and her accomplices.

On the way, Kim Kwang-Taek is ambushed by assassins.

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At first I hesitate to watc it because I am not interested in movie/series about martial arts, but then I still gave it a try because of Ji chang wook and I did'nt regret it... Ji chang wook is awesome, one of the best actor in korea. baek Dong Soo love ji sun just because she is beautiful... Also, as a side note, if memory serves me correctly, the real Prince Sado was a crazy nutter who actually ended up being killed by his father because he was so unhinged. what is the meaning of the happy end after Yeo Woon's death?! Ji Chang-Wook is doing the drama Empress Ki at the moment, and him together with Ha Ji-Won, is also giving the drama awesome ratings. I just really really wish that Baek Dong-Soo would have had a real match up against Yeo Woon and actually win. The acting is superb I look forward to seeing more of their work.The drama was good but what' wrong with the second lead femel's acting it was really frustrating i didn't like her been coupled with jcw they didn't have even 0.0001% of chemistry in ep 21 hoping that he will end up with jin jun but i i don't think this will happen The best part about the story is brotherhood, this series is all about that. It started with the 5 sworn brothers Dong Soo's and Yeo Un's fathers plus Kim Kwang-Taek, Sa Mo and Jang Dae-Po who truly were ready to die for each other. Their devotion realized in the form of taking care of each other's children.A love triangle between Sword Saint , Cheon and Ga Ok that is repeated in Dong Soo, Yeo Un and Ji Sun.this is a drama were you can understand what real friendship means because although so many years are past they are still belive and protect each other.

i'm happy that i watched this drama thanks a lot to all of the members :)) This is an excellent drama..good story.Baek Sa-Geong, his family, and even his unborn child are to be all killed.