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Actor James Nesbitt starred in a series of commercials for the directory, including one that showed him trapped by a dog and consulting the Yellow Pages for help.The directory will be remembered for a host of beloved adverts - the most famous of which, from 1983, showed a gentle elderly man, played by Norman Lumsden (above), hunting for an out-of-print book: Fly Fishing by J R Hartley The Yellow Pages was first published in 1966 and rolled out across the UK a decade later.For more than 50 years, it has sat next to the landline, solving countless domestic crises and securing local traders lucrative work.

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Chief executive Richard Hanscott said: 'After 51 years in production Yellow Pages is a household name and we're proud to say that we still have customers who've been with us from the very first Yellow Pages edition in 1966.

The move came as Yell fought claims that directories were becoming obsolete as consumers switched to the internet.