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It's attached to the Cheezburger site, a place know for stealing several hours of productivity from the lives of many young adults.

The Chive is a site that has humor, articles, pictures, interesting stories and is a fun dating site as well!

Video Bash is just what it sounds like: a collision of interesting videos from the internet. I was scrolling through the funny gallery for a good five minutes in a deep trance as I looked at gifs, funny pictures and a jiggling butt. The Enabler is the one who just happens to have a fresh batch of cookies that need to be checked and tasted for quality. The 7 Dwarves of Work These little office elves have a lot to do, but not much of it seems to be doing work! Why do witches still fly on broom after all these years?

There are even games and pictures, but the focus is on bringing the top videos to its fans. All I know is that it was hard to pull myself away from the funny, random things on the site. It's funny because it's written close enough to a real website that the news almost seems plausible. There are fake broadcast news stories and fake print stories. Luckily, there is nothing to fear, as all these ladies will be gone in a flash! The 7 Dwarves of Old Age These dwarves embody all the things we dread about getting older and funny old age jokes in general: There is Nappy, Wrinkly, Squinty, Rocky, Saggy, Farty and Leaky. There is Sleepy, Flirty, Drinky, Loafy, Lunchy, Gabby and Buttkiss. Santa Bear, and the 7 Gay Elves The names of these fabulous elves are Bitchy, Twinky, Horny, Queeny, Hunky, Tweeky and Butchy.

It can’t be stopped or monitored by another unless the porn addict chooses. She loses faith that their intimacy is real—it may just be a part of his fantasy about someone else he’s viewed. So what is a Christian wife to do when she discovers her husband is into pornography? Listen objectively before passing judgment or reacting in anger or disappointment. Listen with discernment to be sure you have the facts. God didn’t get it straight from Adam and Eve, and your husband isn’t likely to respond much better without help. Godly sorrow produces the fruit of repentance, which is to change. Keep praying and trusting God, and get help for yourself! He will need people who can listen with compassion and humility, and who know we all are candidates to sin (Galatians 6:1-5).

If she withdraws, he may use that as an excuse for his sin. But a good discussion is two-way, so ask him to listen to how you are feeling and how his sin affects your marriage and also his relationship with the Lord. If he refuses and you are convinced you have the facts, Matthew -17 says to involve help. Is his heart attitude toward his sin one of repentance or excuses and justification? Pray that he will come to a place of true godly sorrow (2 Corinthians ). It is easy to focus on his sin, but you must choose to focus on your faithful Lord instead, and on your own growth through this difficult trial (James 1:2-4). God has given you permission to involve those who can help! The depth of involvement that comes out of these discussions will determine the kind of help you need. For others, a more intense individual counseling with a godly man who can unpack perhaps years of wrong thinking and help him develop a lifestyle of self-control in the seven building blocks for moral purity.

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Don’t run to others who are not a part of the problem or a part of the solution. In fact, you as the wife will need your own counselor and encouragement as you go through this trial with your husband!Top 10 Rules of Bacon Top 10 Humor Sites Top 10 Elf Cards Top 10 Halloween Jokes Top 10 Reasons Dogs are Better Than Men Top 10 Worst Christmas Carols Top 10 Least Beloved Christmas Carols Top 10 Reasons Chanukah is Cooler Than Christmas Top 10 Santa's No Fly-To Street List Top 10 Things You Will Never Hear Santa Say Top 10 General Christmas Quotes Top 10 Funny Christmas Quotes Top 10 Christmas Card Greetings Top 10 Christmas Love Quotes Top 10 Best and Worst Educated States and How They Voted in 2012 Top 10 Words of Wisdom Top 10 Words Santa Vocabulary Top 10 Santapedia Searches Top 10 Crummiest Christmas Gifts Top 10 Fart Terms Top 10 Marijuana Names Top 10 Girls Names Top 10 Boys Names Top 10 Strangest Celebrity Baby Names Top 10 Internet Slang Top 10 Funny Names Top 10 Rejected Reindeer Names Top 10 DIY Christmas Cards Top 10 Tweets from the Pope Top 10 Bacon Numbers Top 10 Things You Didn't Know You Wanted Top 10 Strange Google Search Results Top 10 Hipster Jesus Memes Top 10 Signs You Might Be A Hipster Top 10 Movie Quotes Top 10 Riddles and Riddle Quotes Top 10 Birthday Cake Jokes Top 10 Amazon Reviews Top 10 Holes on Earth Top 10 Dog Shaming Pictures Top 10 Thing I Learned From My Mom Top 10 Darth Vader Moments Top 10 Clean, Funny Jokes Top 10 Funniest Maps Top 10 Horse Head Pictures Top 10 Easter Eggs Photos Top 10 Creepiest Easter Rabbits Top 10 Funny Easter Peeps Top 10 Bizarre Experts Top 10 Worst Mascots Top 10 Birthday Banner Sites Top 3 Birthday Cake Recipes Top 10 You-Had-One-Job Pictures Top 7 Funniest Tweets on Twitter Top 5 Animal Gifs Top 7 Funniest Cake Pictures Top 7 Halloween Costumes To Fit Your Budget Top 5 Things Boys Do We Love (Smashup) Top 8 Funniest Roller Coaster Pictures Top 5 Air Bending Pictures Top 10 Pranks Top 10 Stock Science Photos Top 7 Most Interesting Prom Dresses/ Top 7 Worst Prom Dresses Top 9 Cat Hybrids Top 10 Worst Christmas Cards Ever Top 6 Card Inside Greetings Top 7 Coolest Gifts For Father's Day Top 10 Bad Luck Pictures Top 10 Hilarious Tennis Faces Top 10 Jokes From The Edinburgh Fringe Top 10 Facebook Comebacks Top 5 Hipstersaurs The Fall of Ronald Mc Donald Through 15 Pictures Eight Quotes to Help You Succeed Top 10 '20s Slang 1. Most of the world's problems can be solved with more bacon. The stories range from factual to fictitious, and everything in between. Com is a collection of funny videos, funny clips and other ways to waste time on your much too short office or lunch break. You don't have to be logged in to see all the trending videos. Once you're registered, you can share all your Break. College Humor is a collection of funny videos, funny pictures and funny articles aimed at the college crowd, or at least, people who still relate to college life. We’ve written lists for the top 10 humor sites, top 10 worst X-mas stories, top 10 things to do in an elevator and so much more. Users add their own funny internet finds on the site.

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In addition to hilarious top 10 lists, we’ve also created an expansive selection of hilarious greeting cards just for you. Readers can build up their own collections of jokes and funny pictures.

The NSFW, R-rated joke section has been tucked away for logged in users to see.

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