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Scaling from 16 to 512 cores (1 to 32 compute nodes) and using real dataset inputs, application experiments demonstrated scalability with greater than 150x (super-linear) speedup and less than 1/4th the memory usage per process.Cyclic quorum sets can provided benefits to more than just computations.Many optical networks face heterogeneous communication requests requiring topologies to be efficient and fault tolerant.The all-pairs problem requires all elements (computation datasets or communication nodes) to be paired with all other elements.The results show that our extended algorithms scale well to the number of GPUs in a single node and the number of nodes in the cluster.Big data continues to grow in size for all sciences.The sets can also provide a guarantee that all pairs of optical nodes in a network can communicate.

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The quorums are $O\left(\frac\right)$ in size, up to 50% smaller than dual $\frac$ array implementations, and significantly smaller than solutions requiring all data.

The interaction considered requires all elements in a set to interact with all other elements in the set.

The all-pairs interaction is a general computation or communication problem that occurs frequently and can be as simple as considering the shaking of hands by all attendees to a party.

With this method of topology construction, unicast and multicast communication requests do not need to be known or even modeled a priori.

In the presence of network single-link faults, our simulated cycle routing had greater than 99% average fault coverage.The All-Pairs Shortest Path (APSP) problem has many applications, such as driving directions in online map services and connection analysis in social networks.

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